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Helen said:
Sunday, 9 Sep 2012
The information are useful and updated, thanks!
Mcihelle said:
Saturday, 25 Jun 2011
Thanks for the information.
Thea said:
Wednesday, 17 Nov 2010
Thank you for this opportunity.I would like to be updated with the latest available scholarships for secondary school children.
Tizita said:
Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010
I would like to find out the top schools in london and thier ofsted reports. Thank you
MIKIAS said:
Friday, 18 Jun 2010
Anthony said:
Saturday, 12 Jun 2010
What you are doing is quiet commendable.It helps parents to make the right choice for their wards. Thank you.
Robert said:
Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010
I like what you posted and updates for us fitness enthusiast. send me more updates. thanks, robert
Abimbola said:
Thursday, 25 Feb 2010
Thank you for this opportunity.Please I want you to always update me with the latest scolarships avilable[undergradute and posgraduate].
Bylli-Jean said:
Tuesday, 2 Feb 2010
We will be moving to Kendal and would like a list of primary schools and high schools in that area. Thank you.
Jamila said:
Friday, 15 Jan 2010
This site is very useful and informative. It would be great to have a list of schools as well. thanks
Satish said:
Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010
I am interested about how you can help my son get a place at a primary school of our choice. we are not in the catchment area. thanks Satish
Muhunthiny said:
Monday, 27 Jul 2009
Please send me a newsletter. thank you.
Vanessa said:
Friday, 17 Jul 2009
Thank you for this opportunity do you include schools aboard?
Sileshi said:
Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009
I found the information that you provided in your website very useful for my children current and future education prospects. That is why I wanted to register and get the news letter. Thanks a lot for the info.
Janet said:
Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009
Have found this site very informative,
ANWAR said:
Saturday, 31 Jan 2009
Hi just I like to know how I can get a place for my children at the GRAMER schools. Many Thanks
Michelle said:
Saturday, 31 May 2008
I am really interested in setting up a PTA in my daughters infants school and would very much appreciate some help in how to do this THANKS
Paul said:
Sunday, 2 Mar 2008
Hope I get some good ideas thanks
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