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Scholarships for Private Independent Schools

By: Jack Claridge - Updated: 11 Dec 2017 | comments*Discuss
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A scholarship is a means of financial assistance provided by another body or institution so that your child can pursue a line of education that may not be available to them under normal circumstances.

At the present time in the United Kingdom more than a fifth of all pupils at independent schools get some form of financial assistance with fees. Scholarships are generally awarded to pupils for academic, musical or artistic merit and normally do not take financial need into account.

A scholarship can be awarded to any pupil based entirely on their performance within a particular subject or field of education and irrespective of background, class or financial stability.

How Scholarships Are Awarded

Scholarships are awarded normally, as we have already touched on, to those pupils who show exceptional talent and/or intelligence in a particular area. This may be music or the arts or literature or indeed sport and, as such, there needs to be a financial input to enable these pupils to pursue further qualifications in these fields at private independent school level.

In order to do this, private independent schools will hold examinations based upon a shortlist of pupils gleaned from the mainstream school system and as a result a shorter list of prospective and talented pupils may be drawn up.

A further examination and interview may be held to further quantify the pupil’s interest and indeed willingness to pursue the obtaining of a scholarship.

If the scholarship is awarded it amounts to a maximum of 50% of the school fees that may be required during the course of a pupil’s education at private independent school. This will take into account board and lodgings should the school be outside the catchment area to such a degree that the pupil might need to reside there during term time.

There will also be such things as uniforms, textbooks, any sporting equipment, musical instruments or indeed any other item that falls outside the normal remit of an educational standard.

However, as a scholarship amounts to only 50% of the fees at a private independent school it may be necessary to seek a bursary if the pupil’s parents are not in a position financially to cover the shortfall between the amount granted in a scholarship and the overall amount of the fees incurred.

A bursary is an amount of money granted to make up the shortfall and is only granted after a series of means tests are carried out to ensure that a pupil’s parents are not in a position to make up the difference.

Although your child may be of a high intellect and of a high educational standard there is still no guarantee that a scholarship or bursary will be awarded. These are means tested and also granted on a limited number of places per year.

It is worthwhile mentioning that having looked at a varied number of private independent schools there is a generally accepted criterion across the board.

In saying this priority is given to the pupils of parents who are members of the clergy, members of the Armed Forces (both serving and non serving), teachers, and also to the children of former school pupils who have applied for scholarships at their chosen school.

That said do not let it put you off attempting to help your child gain a scholarship they have as much chance as anyone given the right exam results and the right advice.

As always with trying to place your child in any school it is important to understand the criteria laid down and also given the chance, inspect the school and speak with teachers and pupils alike for a more balanced view of how things operate.

As with all schools private or otherwise there will be a parent teacher association and as always this a good place to start if you are looking for an unbiased and realistic appraisal of your child’s chances. Read more about the school PTA on this site.

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Hello,my daughter is ten years old and has just passed for the enterance exam of a very good private school but i cannot afford the payment.where can i get support with this?She is really smart;we live in a deprived area and i want the best for her.
Mahelate - 11-Dec-17 @ 9:41 AM
Hi my 10 year old daughter just passed the entrance exam for a really good private school but I cannot afford the fees, where can I get support with this? She is really smart; we live in a very deprived area and I want the best for her.
FB - 29-Nov-17 @ 3:54 PM
Please we need to get our daughter into a private boarding school with bursary facilities. She's in a private school at the moment but the fees are a bit too much and we cannot afford this any longer. She's going to year 9 in September. I want her to sit for the 13+ exams.
Teetee - 25-Nov-17 @ 1:42 PM
Hello I have a daughter who is 9yr old. Leading her class in maths and literacy and other subjects. She plays the keyboard very well too. A very fast 100m and 150m runner. Indeed an asset. Her teacher confirms that she is a star in indeed I really need a scholarship into secondary school How do I go about it.
Maymay - 22-Nov-17 @ 7:32 PM
Hi I have a 20 month old who appears to be quite bright. He can say the alphabet, count to 10 knows his colours and shapes and converse with him. I just want to channel him in the right direction as he seems to get bored very quickly. Is there any bursaries we can get to help fund him into pre schools?
GSOO - 15-Oct-17 @ 9:49 AM
Hi I have a son who has played for an Football Academy since he was 6 years old and will be going secondary school in September can you recommend any school In south London
Pat - 25-Sep-17 @ 4:55 PM
I have a 8 years old boy, he is fantastic st school and he wants to go to a private school, to be able to achieve better in life and learn more, but I can't pay for a privst5 school , is there any bursaries or scholarships available in the Buckinghamshire area for him? What can I do to apply? Thanks
Dias - 18-Sep-17 @ 9:01 PM
I have a 9 yea4s old daugther who is very brillant.I would like her to go to a private school but cannot afford it as we are low income family.Please how can i get her a place?.
BICA - 27-Aug-17 @ 9:17 PM
I have a 10years old son who is brilliant and really good in football ; I will like him to get admission into one the best private school with sports facilities especially football for the 2017/2018 session but I can't afford it. I am a single mother with no job and we are still awaiting our papers from the home office. Please I need advice on what to do. Thanks.
Joy - 16-Aug-17 @ 11:36 AM
I have two brilliant daughter and I need a scholarship for them to a school in uk
MY FAIR LADY - 20-Jul-17 @ 9:48 PM
I'm looking for a school for a secondary aged boy who is a computer whizz. Any suggestions?
Lisa - 23-Jun-17 @ 10:18 PM
I have a boy who is in senior secondary school one. He is extremely brilliant,he loves to draw and likes acting drama. I wish for him to study abroadbut I'm not financially buoyant to do that which is why I want to know how I can go about gettinga scholarshtip for him.
Ronnie - 27-May-17 @ 3:24 PM
Guv'nor - Your Question:
Hello. I am a governor of a Primary School in Gloucestershire. I am trying to locate a list of bursaries and scholarships offered by secondary schools in our area for which pupils of our school may be eligible. If there is such a thing, where do I find it?

Our Response:
I can only suggest you contact to the ISC directly, please see link here.
GetTheRightSchool - 17-May-17 @ 10:35 AM
Hello. I am a governor of a Primary School in Gloucestershire. I am trying to locate a list of bursaries and scholarships offered by secondary schools in our area for which pupils of our school may be eligible. If there is such a thing, where do I find it?
Guv'nor - 16-May-17 @ 2:05 PM
Hello. I have a daughterwhos 11 years old she passed her exam in PriorySchoolEdgbaston andgot an admission in the school.But the school only helping with 10% with the bursary .We come from a low income background.Please can you help or advice me any other help with the fees to pay towards the private school.
naz - 15-May-17 @ 5:05 PM
My child is in form one I would like her to get a scholarship for her to go toa school where she gets academic and sports education please help.
AURATATA - 10-May-17 @ 2:10 PM
I have a brilliant and smart boy aged 11 year old going to private secondary in September 2017, We want to give him a better education but cannot afford the tuition fee. I will need you advise and assistant on how to get a sponsorship for him. We want to give him the best opportunity we never had when growing up.
charley - 26-Apr-17 @ 7:49 AM
Hi, I am looking for a schoolarship for my 6 years old girl child. Her mother abondoned her and the court granted me a full custody of the child. I am a self employed person and I am facing some difficulties of paying for her at school, please assist. Many Thanks, David Maphanga
Dave - 21-Apr-17 @ 11:25 AM
Hello, I'mlooking forasponsorshipfor my two girls, the youngestis 3 yearsand the oldestis 10 yearsand is doingextremely wellin school. I ama singlemomthey lost theirfather when the youngestdaughterwas bornand sincethan I havebeenstrugglingtosent them to schoolwhy myselfis schoolingas well. I reallywant my girlstohave a betterfuturepleasehelp me. Tenneh! Thank you
Julie - 1-Apr-17 @ 12:07 PM
My daughter is in yr 8 state school. I have already changed her once as shedoes not find it challenging enough. I would like to get her into the private system for yr 9 but have been told that i do not qualify for bursary due to ownership of my house. I cannot afford without 30- 50 % scholarship. Are there any private girls schools in south london i can apply to for yr 9. She is doing very well maths and English and loves drama.
Sam - 23-Mar-17 @ 3:20 PM
Hi My kids who are 6 and 8 years for want to move to a private primary school. They are quite ahead of their peers interms of they intellectual ability. Can you confirm how possible it is to get a scholarship to one of the primary schools in Bristol. Cheers Lewis
Lewy - 10-Mar-17 @ 2:33 PM
Please can I get a scholarship for either George heriots or lorretto school. I am a extremely intelligent boy with a passion for english, politics and many more, however we can't afford the fee.
James Knox - 5-Mar-17 @ 2:41 PM
Good afternoon, Please, let am seeking schorlaship support for my daughter who has just been given admission to Bury Girls School. Pls how do l go about getting one? Thanks
Hajjia - 3-Mar-17 @ 5:17 PM
Hi I'm trying to understand the scholarship system for most private schools. It seems that there are scholarships for year 7 and sixth form. My daughter is year 9 and I'm wondering if it's possible to apply for art scholarship for year 10. I'm guessing it's too late but I can't make sense of the system on some school websites. Anyone know how this works exactly? Thanks in advance.
Lex - 21-Feb-17 @ 2:54 PM
Hi please I have an academic 14 yr old daughter she is also very passionate about drama and singing. She went to a independent boarding school where she was bullied so i took her out and she is now studying for her GCSEs at home. We found a small girls school close to where we live, but I need help with funding. I ama single mum on a low wage. Would you know of any where I could get some funding and charity grant or sponsorshipplease. Many thanks
Myah - 11-Feb-17 @ 9:53 AM
My daughter, Gene, Thai, 13 years. My mother langague is Thai but Gene can speak Eng, Chinese, Spanish, French and Japanese. She plays violin and piano. Also plays badminton and swim. Now she is studying at year 8 in UK curriculum. My family need any financial support from any kind persons to support my daughter. Please and Thanks.
BK - 11-Feb-17 @ 5:05 AM
Hi there I would like to find out how to get my child into a really great school for her.She is in year 4 and has amazing talent for the arts(musically/drama). When she was younger she grasped things quickly in most subjects but when started at school they tend to just slow them down. I would like to understand and know where to look and how to apply for these places.kind regards D13
D13 - 30-Jan-17 @ 3:52 PM
I need a scholarship for my smart year 2 son. I lost my husband in December and would like to relocate to the UK.
Nikki - 24-Jan-17 @ 10:15 PM
Good day. I am looking for sponsorship for my daughters 5 years and 7 years. The older one goes to one of the best schools in the city and the younger one goes to an average school because l couldn't afford to pay school fees for both of them in a best private school where my older one goes. I will really appreciate it if my younger one gets asponsorship or if both of them!Their father's blind please help!Thank you. Hlehle
Hlehle - 20-Jan-17 @ 3:52 PM
Good day. I am looking for sponsorship for my daughters 5 years and 7 years. The older one goes to one of the best schools in the city and the younger one goes to an average school because l couldn't afford to pay school fees for both of them in a best private school where my older one goes. I will really appreciate it if my younger one gets asponsorship or if both of them!Their father's blind please help!Thank you.
Hlehle - 20-Jan-17 @ 3:51 PM
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